Pattaya on the Wok

hoice of meats are chicken, pork, beef, or tofu (Chicken white meat adds $1.00, Shrimp, Squid adds $2.00, Seafood adds $3.00)
40.    THAI B.B.Q. (CHICKEN or BEEF or PORK)    $8.99
     Char-broiled meat marinated in Thai herbs and spices served with sweet and sour sauce. (A half whole chicken, Beef, or Pork)     
41.    PORK or BEEF JERKY    $7.99
     Deep fried pork or beef marinated in Thai herbs served with spicy sauce.     
42.    PAD WOON SEN    $7.99
     Stir fried glass noodles with egg, bean sprouts, mushrooms and green onion.     
43.    CHINESE BROCCOLI    $7.99
     Stir fried Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.     
44.    PAD KHING SOD    $7.99
     Stir fried fresh ginger with mushroom, bell pepper and onions.     
45.    SPICY GARLIC PEPPER    $7.99
     Stir fried with garlic and pepper.     
46.    DRIED CHILI CASHEW NUT    $7.99
     Stir fried with cashew nut and dried chili.     
47.    PAD KA PROW     $7.99
     Stir fried garlic, chili with Thai basil.     
48.    PAD PRIK KHING     $7.99
     Stir fried string bean with homemade chili paste and lime leaves.     
49.    SNOW PEA    $7.99
     Stir fried snow pea with soy bean sauce.     
50.    SPICY EGGPLANT     $7.99
     Stir fried eggplant with chili, basil, garlic and black bean sauce.     
  Most dishes can be spicy or mild just let us know how you like it.
 Prices subject to change without notice.