51.    FRIED POMPANO    $10.99
     Deep fried whole Pompano fish served with spicy style Pattaya sauce on the side.     
52.    PLA RAD PRIG     $12.99
     Deep fried whole fish and topped with homemade chili & garlic sauce.     
53.    CATFISH PAD PED     $8.99
     Deep fried cutlet catfish sautéed in house curry paste with basil leaves and creamy coconut. (Sole fillet deep fried or steamed $9.99)     
54.    CATFISH DRUNKEN     $8.99
     Deep fried cutlet catfish sautéed in chili paste with hot basil leaves. (Sole fillet deep fried or steamed $9.99)     
55.    DRAGON GREEN CURRY     $12.99
     Catfish with homemade green curry paste, coconut milk, holy basil and green pepper.     
56.    TROUT IN HOT PAN    $20.99
     Steamed whole Trout in homemade spicy plum soup. (Seasonal)     
57.    LEMON FISH    $20.99
     Steamed whole fish with garlic, chili, lemon juice served on the hot pan. (Seasonal)     
     Steamed fish fillet topped with house spicy sauce.     
59.    FISH JERKY THAI STYLE    $12.99
     Deep fried fish served with mango dressing (mango in season).     
60.    YUM PLA DUK FOO    $10.99
     Deep fried ground catfish served with Thai mango salad & house dressing (mango or apple in season).     
61.    LARB PLA     $12.99
     Ground fish mixed chili, lime juice, mint leaves and roasted rice powder.     
62.    GRILLED SALMON    $12.99
     Grilled salmon with butter, salt, black pepper served with steamed veggies.     
  Most dishes can be spicy or mild just let us know how you like it.
 Prices subject to change without notice.